Brain Gym ® and Educational Kinesiology

Brain Gym®

Brain Gym refers to a programme of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation (U.S.A) used to improve many different skills including listening, attention, memory, coordination and academic skills.

It incorporates gentle physical movements to coordinate the brain and body for greater productivity and learning.

  • There are 26 Brain Gym movements which are part of larger system called Educational Kinesiology.
  • The Brain Gym programme was developed by Dr Paul and Gail Dennison in the 1980s and is now used world wide.
  • The key principle is that intentional movement is the door to optimal living and learning.

Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) NZ Incorporated, follows the principles of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation (U.S.A) which is dedicated to:

  • Celebrating each individual’s unique learning style
  • Creating and promoting educational and wellness programs designed to increase human potential, reduce stress, and address learning challenges.
  • Providing resources to the public via outreach and dissemination of information related to our programs.
  • Collaborating with other organizations whose missions are in alignment with and/or complementary to ours.