Brain Gym® in New Zealand

Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym®) NZ Incorporated is a non profit organisation affiliated to the Educational Kinesiology Foundation (U.S.A) based in Ventura, California. It holds a register of qualified instructors and consultants in New Zealand and has been established here for twenty five years. Students of Brain Gym are encouraged to use what they have learned in Introductory classes to enhance learning for themselves their families and students.

Introduction to Brain Gym is the first level of a program including 600 hours of class and clinical work to become a Educational Kinesiology Consultant or Brain Gym Instructor.

In New Zealand, three International Faculty members oversee training and registration on behalf of Brain Gym International.  At least one Faculty member, plus others who are interested,  attend the International Gathering each year (usually held in the United States or Europe) and disseminate that information to New Zealand members. International instructors also visit New Zealand to facilitate further training.

An Executive is elected at each Annual General Meeting.

An Annual New Zealand Gathering is held and open to everyone. This is held in late March or early April and usually held in Taupo or Hamilton.  Brain Gym NZ members meet to update their training with local or international instructors and hold their Annual General meeting.

Brain Waves Magazine is produced 3 times per year. The magazine includes articles from the Brain Gym International  journal – the Global Observer and includes  Brain Gym success stories, case studies and forthcoming courses.

To join contact Glenys (Treasurer 2017)  email