Courses Available in New Zealand

Brain Gym Training

Brain Gym® has a common core of training across the world.
Following are the required courses for Brain Gym training in New Zealand.

Introduction to Brain Gym (6 Hours minimum)

Movement is life. Discover the core 26 Brain Gym movements that integrate body and mind to optimise how we learn and perform in all areas of our lives…school, athletics, the arts, social and work skills.  Learn PACE, the BG five minute “readiness for anything” process.  Learn how stress of any kind reduces your ability to function at your best and discover two simple activities that you can do anywhere that empower you to defuse stressed responses to your world. Your participation in a playful group setting will increase your awareness of your own learning strengths and challenges.

Brain Gym 101 (BG) 24 Hours

Experience whole brain integration through whole body movement. Learn twenty-six Brain Gym exercises, the Edu-K Balance process, and Dennison Laterality Repatterning. Discover a permanent tool for reaching personal goals. Applications for students, teachers, parents, artists, athletes, health care practitioners, and business professionals.

105 – Double Doodle, A Window Into Whole-Brain Vision (DD) 8 Hours

In this introductory course we will use the Double Doodle and other movements from Brain Gym® and Vision Gym® to explore and enhance visual perception and artistic expression. Participants will, through experience and discussion, gain a finer understanding of the relationship among visual skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative expression. Applications for parents, teachers and various age groups will be addressed. Open to all.

201 – Optimal Brain Organization Profiles (OBO) 24 Hours

Discover the concepts of hemispheric specialization, identification, and balancing to facilitate whole-brain learning. Open to students who have taken Brain Gym 101.

220 – Visioncircles® (VC) 24 Hours

A road map to the completion of developmental skills through movement, play, and art. Emphasis on vision enhancement. Open to students who have taken Brain Gym 101.

301 – Edu-K In Depth: Seven Dimensions of Intelligence (7D) 32 Hours

This exciting class takes the basic three BG dimensions of Laterality, Centering and Focus to additional depth by exploring four new dimensions as well as expanding the learning Menu by adding numerous tools of reeducation.  Hands-on experience with seven dimensions of body movement, focusing on how each can support or block the learning process.  Innovative techniques, useful demonstrations, and guided practice will give you the ability to enhance your personal and professional life.Students learn to permanently integrate the principles of whole brain learning into their own processes. Open to students who have taken Brain Gym®. Prerequisite for Brain Gym® instructor licensure.

311 – Total Core Repatterning (TCR) 24 Hours

Focuses on the recognition of primitive homolateral reflexes that become integrated by repatterning. Training in the latest techniques for integrating primitive reflexes which interfere with learning and mature motor control. These tools are useful for helping all individuals, regardless of neurological or physiological limitations. Open to students who have taken Edu-K In Depth

350 – Movement Re-education (MRE) 24 Hours

This three-day workshop with Dr. Paul and Gail Dennison focuses specifically on the Structure Realm in the Edu-K process. This experience is an opportunity for exploration, review, and hands-on-practice of muscle lengthening techniques. Participants learn the relationship of emotions, vision, and posture to brain integration. Included are the latest releases and activations which help to complete postural and structural changes. Open to students who have taken Edu-K In Depth

360 – Creative Vision (CV) 24 Hours

This workshop presents both an objective and subjective exploration of the learner’s visual capacity. Participants will gain new understanding of vision and movement and how they relate to learning, reading, and other life skills. Prerequisite: Brain Gym Teacher Practicum and Visioncircles

401 – Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum (P) 32 Hours

Designed for those who wish to develop and successfully teach Brain Gym in a class or private format. This course provides the prospective BG Instructor or consultant with instruction in BG theory, teaching methods, and procedures within the framework of an action plan for achieving professional goals. Open to students who have taken Brain Gym c101 twice, 24 hours of Level 1 electives, Optimal Brain Organization, 40 hours of Level 2 electives, Edu-K In Depth, 32 hours of Level 3 electives, and have completed required case studies and balances.

505 – Double Doodle Play: A Window to Whole-Brain Vision Teacher’s Training (DDTT) 16 Hours

This teacher’s training course supports Brain Gym Instructors in learning to facilitate Double Doodle Play: A Window to Whole-Brain Vision. This basic, experiential approach to playful art uses the Dooble Doodle activity from Brain Gym in mixed-media projects to explore visual skills and hand-eye coordination for sustained attention in the midfield. The homeplay for this course is to complete and submit to the instructor a Double Doodle Play portfolio. Course manual included. Prerequesities: Brain Gym Teacher Practicum, Visioncircles and Double Doodle Play twice plus being currently licensed.