Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics for Brain Gym Instructors

In Edu-K we have an established Code of Ethics that is in close alignment with our philosophy. More than twenty faculty members, under the guidance of Bernhardt Studer of Switzerland, participate cooperatively in the writing of this code, which continues to stand the test of time. Our code of Ethics and our philosophy have emerged from the shared experience of many participants in the field of Education Kinesiology.

All Brain Gym Instructors and members of the Educational Kinesiology International Faculty agree to abide by the following tenets:

  • To follow an educational model that honors the inborn intelligence of each individual and draws out learning through natural movement experience.
  • To communicate with students and peer in a respectful manner
  • To honor confidentiality, the only exception to this being issues of child abuse, potential suicide, or the revelation that someone poses a threat to another (in many states these must be by law be reported to appropriate authorities).
  • To orient to the process rather than to end results, focusing on students’ gifts and potential and using difficulties as a springboard to educate and empower.
  • To foster constructive interactions by using a noticing model and avoiding any suggestion of blame.
  • To abstain from labeling, treating, prescribing, or diagnosing.
  • To respect the client’s or student’s personal responsibility and choices.
  • To honor equally the rights of all and maintain an appropriate neutrality regarding gender, creed, ethnicity, politics, education, or religion.
  • To honor the thoughts and feeling that we see, sense, or hear spoken, as well as honoring information determined through muscle checking, recognizing that muscle checking provides information for the decision-making process yet does not preempt thinking and sensing.
  • To be financially honest and fair in all areas of business.
  • To acknowledge and celebrate any mental, emotional, or physical improvements as the student’s or client’s own.