Andrea Kingston

Andrea Kingston

Totara North, Northland
Phone: 09 405 1178
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The simple, easy to perform Brain Gym® exercises are natural and benefit any who use them.
School children especially find learning easier and teachers notice an increase in their concentration, test results and behaviour. I am passionate about sharing my Kinesiology knowledge having seen the results for myself especially in the preschool age group.

Nursing training and First Aider
NZGA Play Gym Instructor
Community Dance Teacher
Educational Kinesiologist/Brain Gym Instructor
Diploma of Landscape Design
Baby KidzEd Course, KidzEd Fun PhysEd and KidzEd PlayEd owner and creator

Personal Profile
Andrea successfully ran a mobile junior gym for children 10mths – 5 years, KidzEd Fun PhysEd, around Auckland during the 1990’s before meeting her husband and moving north. She completed her Edu-K training in 1995 and incorporated some of the simple Brain Gym exercises into her KidzEd classes and had to revise the age the child moved to the next level because of their increase in physical confidence and abilities!

After moving north Andrea ran KidzEd Fun PhysEd classes in Kerikeri and Kaeo.

She has a Mum and Baby course available online for babes of 4mths -8mths to be seen at which she ran at venues in Auckland,  Kerikeri and Totara North.

There is a “Kidzed” facebook page with hints for new Mums. Possible link to website and fcbk?

((The baby course (and the preschool folder) incorporates specific Brain Gym movements that helps to integrate the brain hemispheres and has benefits for all the child’s future skills – co-ordination, language, social as well as the obvious mental skills.)

For preschools et al, Andrea has developed a folder/catalogue KidzEd PlayEd, of tried and true fun physical and musical activities using various simple hand and foot equipment. There are detailed explanations in the introduction for how the teachers may present these activities and developmentally how the child will benefit.

Dealing with a medical problem for the past 10 years, Andrea is now able to share her Kinesiology knowledge with businesses and retirement homes as well as preschools, Kohanga Reo, parent groups, primary and secondary school teachers and students.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Brain Gym Course (6 – 8 hours adapted for the group)
  • Presentation – How Physical Movement is Important For Your Childs Complete Development  (especially for parents, preschool,  all school teachers and Kohanga Reo  – adapted to the group and featuring a few fun activities and a video) 
  • KidzEd PlayEd folder presentations and tutorials for preschool teachers, Mother groups and Kohanga Reo
  • Brain Gym presentations to businesses, retirement homes, parent groups and schools (adapted to the group)
  • Baby KidzEd course for Mums and Babes 4 – 8mths young