Janet de Witt

Janet de Witt – Brain /Body In Synch janet2015

Registered Educational Kinesiologist/ Brain Gym® Instructor

Torbay, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: (09) 473 8660
Mobile: 64 021 669 0783 
Email:   janet.dw066@gmail.com
Web: http://www.brainbodyinsynch.com/

I have a passion for enhancing learning and empowering the learner.

Personal Profile/Qualifications:
Janet combines consultancy and education in her Brain Body In Synch practice. She works with both children and adults facilitating positive changes in learning, coordination, focus + attention, stress levels, and for adults in a change process. Her work with children aged 4 + yrs includes Kinesiology, primitive reflex integration, hand writing support , strategies for learning, and a playful home based movement programme to support children to develop their potential. She weaves her teaching experience and knowledge in special education into her kinesiology work with Dyspraxic, Dyslexic, ASD, Twice Exceptional and Anxious children. Janet also teaches workshops, and kinesiology training.

  • Other Qualifications and Current Registered Modalities
    • Registered Educational Kinesiologist and Brain Gym Instructor ( 1993) . Trained in NZ, USA, Australia and S. A.
    • Faculty ( Brain Gym® International ) – Facilitating training In Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym in NZ.
    • Registered N. Z. Primary Teacher, Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour.
    • Educational Qualifications; Bachelor Teaching and Learning, P. Grad Dip. Ed., Dip. T.E.S.S.O.L , Dip., E.H.C,( Spec. Ed ) , SPELD Trained. Reg, Primary Teacher NZ.
  • Other training:
    • Rhythmic Movement Training – Courses 1 – 4. Reflex Integration
    • Hocking – Reflex Integration Techniques , Basic + Adv. Courses.
    • Sabotage Clearing
    • Brain Gym – post qualifying courses, Creative Vision, Whole Brain Reading, Total Core Repatterning,
    • Master Class with Paul Dennison.
    • Touch for Health Kinesiology

    Courses Offered: ( Adapted for target Group )
    • Brain Gym in the Classroom. ( 3.5 hours) ( workshops/ staff meetings on request).
    • Brain Gym and Early Development ( Early Childhood) 3 – 4 hours
    • Introduction to Brain Gym – 1 day ( For Educators, Therapists, Parents ).
    • Handwriting – teaching handwriting in a developmental way .
    • Mind / Body in Synch – Practical strategies for surviving in a fast paced world. ( 1. 5 – to 3 hours )
    • Brain Dominance Profiling ( 4 hours ) _ find your best learning profile and understand your stress response.

    Other courses offered in:
    • Core – Educational Kinesiology Consultant courses , Includes, Brain Gym 101, Optimal Brain Organisation, Seven Dimensions of Intelligence ( 4 days). Brain Dominance Profiling.