What is Brain Gym ® ?

What is Brain Gym ® ?

Brain Gym refers to a programme of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation (U.S.A) used to improve many different skills including listening, attention, memory, coordination and academic skills. It incorporates gentle physical movements to coordinate the brain and body for greater productivity and learning. There are 26 Brain Gym movements which are part of larger system called Educational Kinesiology. The Brain Gym programme was developed by Dr Paul and Gail Dennison  in the 1980s and is now used world wide.

“To live is to Move”;    Paul Dennison (PhD), Founder of Brain Gym®

What is Educational Kinesiology?

Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) is a comprehensive mind/body integration programme that uses movement to enhance our abilities and confidence in learning, sport, performing arts, communication, or whatever our personal challenges may be.

It helps us build and/or access better communication within mind and body. It enables us to discover and enhance the physical skills of our own learning.

Edu-K incorporates the integrating movement activities known and taught as Brain Gym®, which assists for children or adults of all cultures.

Edu-K processes enable us to improve our neurological organisation and flexibility, making it possible to create new patterns of movement, attitudes and behaviour.

When mind and body work together in harmony, the result is wholeness, full self-expression, creativity, responsible choice making and easy movement into new challenges.

Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym movements work with the physical skills that underlie efficient learning of new things.

Educational Kinesiologists may work with clients over a period. ‘Doing a balance’ is when we focus on a goal important to a client or student and notice the physical changes at the end of a one to one session with an Educational Kinesiologist in a clinic setting.

Edu-K/Brain Gym gives us the tools to move forward and to become our best.

Features of the Brain Gym Programme:

  • It is easy to do and suitable for all ages.
  • It shows observable results in a short period of time and sometimes immediately
  • It can easily be done without equipment at home, at school for performance situations, in the office.

Brain Gym  benefits:

  • Those wanting to address stress and anxiety and make positive changes in their lives
  • Learners of all ages by improving the learning of skills and so their self esteem
  • Teachers and students who use Brain Gym movements regularly in their classrooms
  • Early Childhood teachers who want to improve foundation movement skills with pre-schoolers.
  • Sporting people who want to improve their sports performance
  • Business people and Educators who want improved organisational skills
  • Families where parents and children work together for better communication.

Brain Gym® is the registered trademark  for the Brain Gym movements and  Introductory level training for the Educational Kinesiology  Programme .
Brain Gym is registered in NZ as well as internationally .