Brain Gym in Practice

Children at play instead of watching television

Children at play instead of watching television

Brain Gym® is useful in a huge variety of contexts. As the mind can join the world only by expression through the body it lives in, any idea we might have is only as useful as that body’s ability to put it into action.

Here are some ideas:

  • Child development/education/learning
  • Music/arts/performance/drama
  • Sports/athletics/personal training
  • Voice/singing/speaking/reaching your audience
  • Physical/occupational/dance/ movement development
  • Relationships and interaction at work/school/play
  • Personal growth and confidence to take on new challenges
  • Understanding and growing through self-knowledge

Below is how some ways our consultants use it for themselves and others:

Mary: “I use BG to overcome learning blocks in reading, writing, spelling, creative writing and maths, to maximise enjoyment of learning for my students.”

Kate:: “For leveling energy in classrooms before doing drama-getting kids onside. For adult actors to increase conscious awareness and creative options-to overcome the mind/body split. For coaching situations where the coach is open to using exercises to shift states-for loads of things!

Helene: “I use it with developmentally delayed and at risk children in the care of CYF with excellent results. I also use it in the work-place as a quick stress release, centering, self-care and focus tool. I use it in my clinic with relationship difficulties, depression, and change management. I also use it in critical incident diffusion, particularly “Hook-ups” to clear traumatic memories quickly. Also personally for self-development and centering in large groups for attention and inner peace.
It is great with apprentices, engineers, teachers and taxi drivers!”

Helma: “I use BG in private practice in combination with Occupational Therapy. They complement each other very well. I work mostly with children with learning/developmental difficulties, to aim for whole/body/brain functioning and help with stress release. My adult clientele is growing too. I aim to teach/educate as many interested people as possible about the benefits of BG work. I use BG to keep myself and my family balanced.”

Glenys: “I teach PACE to new mothers with their babies before giving immunizations. I use “Hook-ups” and “Positive Points” with patients in depression counseling.

Robyn: “It saved my son’s life-he was suicidal and not learning at age nine. We spent years with BG and other kinesiology to help build up his self-esteem and confidence. Today at 23 he is a very well-balanced, loving young man-training to be an arborist.”

Arna: “I have worked as a volunteer doing BG and counseling in a low-decile school for four years. I am at present working with a child who is physically challenged/ developmental delays. I have been working using counseling and kinesiology with adults and with music students.”

Barbara: “I was always a good student anyway, but the experience of training in and working with BG and kinesiology has really changed my life-and most of it since the age of 40! I do so much more-read, write, study, teach– and I do it so much better, and with more joy and connection, than ever before. And I no longer have flat feet and knock-knees!
Most of my clients/students are children struggling in the school environment-there is so much to offer in all educational areas as people come to understand their own special gifts as well as their learning/physical challenges. We can “grow” at any age as long as we take that first step. And somewhere out there a distressed asthmatic tramper is still alive because she relaxed enough to breathe out using “positive points” holding.”