penHaving suffered a stroke, Brain Gym has helped me coordinate my movements, improved my balance and regular use of Brain Gym movements helps me to focus and concentrate on daily tasks. James aged 60 .

Brain Gym® movements for settling a class…
I have used Brain Gym movements in my classroom for 10 years. I currently use it with 5 year olds (also at home with my children). I find that it helps the children and me to be more focused, productive and calm. It is very noticeable if you do not do it one day! It is also amazing to do a few exercises when walking into an unfamiliar class. Within 5 minutes, you can observe which children need help to be more physically co-coordinated and how this may affect their learning. Mrs. C. Teacher, Auckland

Most of my clients/students are children struggling in the school environment; there is so much to offer in all educational areas as people come to understand their own special gifts as well as their learning/physical challenges. We can grow at any age as long as we take that first step. And somewhere out there a distressed asthmatic tramper is still alive because she relaxed enough to breathe out using positive points holding.

Dyspraxia and learning difficulties
Following a number of sessions, my daughter has become less volatile, has transitioned to her new school more smoothly than expected and her  posture has improved. Marie, mother of 13 year old daughter with dyspraxia and learning difficulties.

Daily Brain Gym® movements with eye tracking help my vision……………
I am nearing 40 and was having trouble with my eyesight (as you do J). My eyes were closing and refocusing constantly when driving and I was getting very tired with the extra strain. I had to get driving glasses and then shortly after needed reading glasses too. Now I do Brain Gym exercises with eye tracking 1-2 times a day for about 5 minutes. I am very excited to say that I have not worn my glasses now for 2 months! J. C Auckland.